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Friday, 8 January 2010

cotd, youtube

Youtube's traffic has risen 137% over the last year and the number of unique visitors is up 32%. Welcome to the Fourth Wave. My feeling is the up coming Apple Tablet will add further momentum to this trend because it will have great graphics - probably supplied by nVidia but possibly Imagination Technologies in the UK and 3G and WiFi .

 The last blog mentioned the number of turning points that we have passed and are likely to pass during the present year and how this would result in upside surprises. By the end of 2007/8 we passed 20% for global internet connections, we have passed 20% for 3G and this year mobile internet connections will pass the number of fixed line internet connections. As these turning points are passed technologies like the mobile internet become mainstream social phenomenons, which means that growth rates could increase. We have become and look and see society - to be seen is to be. Welcome to the Panopticon - always visible, always seeing.