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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Interesting Links

Here are some interesting links that cover some of the investment themes we have talked about in the last year.

Cool, sensible talk on US and Chinese relations, given by an expert at the Carnegie Institute. Likely rise in value of RMB ahead of April is discussed, and there are some useful comments on the Google dispute and the need for the US to upgrade its internet infrastructure.

Useful New York Times article on the battle by chip companies to dominant the smart phone market.

Paolo Pellegrini was the right hand for John Paulson, he now runs his own fund, PSQR. This link will take you through to his latest letter to the investors. Lots of meat and some interesting comments on what could happen to US corporate tax rates.

This one is for Geeks. A technical comparison of the Oled screen used in the Nexus Android handset and the LCD screen in the Apple iPhone. The older, cheaper, LED screen wins the contest hands down.

When I was in Washington, just before Christmas a well known billionaire, speaking at a conference I attended, said that the biggest investment theme out there was working out how to profit from the coming collapse in US government finances. The billionaire said we had three years before the shoe dropped. Here is Charlie Munger saying a similar thing and on a similar time scale. He thinks the ship goes down in 2012.

Here is another brilliant Ted lecture, this time on how smart-phones and other wireless devices are leading to a revolution in medical monitoring and diagnostic technology. Today, when stuck in a meeting, we check our emails; now you can check your heart rate and glucose levels instead. You see, with technology there are endless things to worry about.

This link will take you through to a presentation about Japan from the really rather good, Contrarian Investing website.  Not surprisingly, Japanese economic growth stalled around the time that the aging workforce started to shrink. Japan could be our future, it certainly looks as though it could soon be South Korea, which of all the Asian countries most resembles it in terms of culture and demographic profile. Lots of good data here.