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Thursday, 3 December 2009

At a turning point

How many of the world’s biggest businesses are in disarray Finance and banking, advertising, newspapers and music, television or fixed line telecoms and soon, if we are right, mobile telecoms. The pharmaceutical industry has stopped innovating and has to buy it in.

The forces of creative destruction are on the rise. Consider then the following: today nearly a billion people use social networking sites. Within the next five years there will be 3 billion internet users, most of whom will also use social networking sites. Over that period the volume of internet traffic is expected to increase by 66 times and download speeds, over both mobile and fixed line, will have increased many fold. The distinction between TV and the internet will disappear and we will always be surrounded by rich digital content. Social networks will have a greater grip on the economy.

Ever had the feeling we are at some kind of a turning point? Ever felt swamped by the digital deluge of data? Do those bright, sparky teenagers, who will be entering the job market in five years, seem different and completely at home in the world I have just described? Now think how many of the companies you invest in, whether in China or Chingford, have thought about what social networking means for them? To gain access to the complete article go to

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