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Thursday, 3 December 2009

What is Finnish for Good Night Vienna?

Nokia’s top management are in rutting reindeer mode at the firm’s annual capital markets day today and tomorrow. As I write this the stock is up 1.6%, grab the gain while its lasts because the long boat is sinking.

Just as we predicted in last week’s Mash (No 47, 25th November 2009), Nokia is bellowing that it is “The World’s biggest platform for mobile.”

Outside of Helsinki, does anyone care? In terms of profits, both RIM and Apple earn close to 70% of what is available in the smartphones sector. But let’s talk about the future, not today, not the past. The omens for Nokia aren’t great, in fact they are awful.

The first piece of bad news comes from India, where the authorities recently blocked Chinese phones. Check out the link, it will take you to a fascinating piece on an Indian website called Techtree. The ban related to those same white box Chinese phones we talked about in last week’s piece on Mediatek. More than 25m of them have already been sold and Indian mobile operators succeeded in having them blocked in their county. However, for 199 rupees (£3), the Chinese handsets can now be unblocked. Nokia was circling the wagons and planning to make its last stand in both India and China, the world’s most populous mobile markets. As Apple, RIM and Android devices took the developed markets Nokia at least had the emerging world. To Continue go to the Cykepartners website.

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